What our customers say about us!

I just got my old boat back from Shriner lake. These guys fixed everything including the problems other shops were unwilling or unable to address. Super professional, thorough, and prompt. I looked at my invoice and finally realized I can pay a little more to a place like shriners once to do it right or pay a less professional place to do it wrong. They have my business for as long as I am a boat owner. Also will use them when I upgraded the board on their lot are beautiful and prices are below MSRP and market values. GREAT PLACE !!!!

Jason Cooper

Just got my new boat from Shriner lake marine. They were the only people who took the time to educate us before making a decision. They didn’t try to sway us in one direction or another. Extremely satisfied, very knowledgeable and friendly people.
— Greg Jenkins

Friendly, knowledgeable, fair. Great place to go if you have a Johnson or Evinrude.

Andy Martin

I recently had my first dealings with Shriner Lake Marine and their staff. I could not be happier with their pleasant attitudes and informative help about my pontoon and motor, that I didn't even buy from them! They will get my business moving forward! Thanks!

Jim Alvey

There are very few businesses that are as great this one. I’ve never been here but when I needed a very very hard to find part, everyone told me to call this place so I did. They were the only ones to have it and they got it to me very quickly. My next boat will be purchased from here! Keep up the good hospitality and business ! Thank you so much
— Chris Hutton

SO grateful for John Zimmerman at Shriner Lake Marine. I'm based in Denver and know he couldn't sell to me, John still helped us with our major purchase decisions! If you're near this dealership, know you're dealing with insanely knowledgeable, non-bias people who want to help you find what YOU are looking for, not what they want to sell. HUGELY impressed with this group!

Angela Lollar

Shriner does a great job taking care of our boat. I appreciate the work they do and how they run their business. They have always helped with whatever need I had. They did a great job on helping with fixing decking and flooring on my boat.

Shannon Griffith

John Zimmerman was great, we found the exact boat we wanted! Thanks John! Can’t wait to go fishing
— Travis Walker